Technical Features


This model best represents the constant improvement and innovation spirit which represents SHAMSI POULTRY EQUIPMENTS. Its the most suited for poultry production as it optimizes the ratio between density and shed’s volume thus best fulfilling the present days dimensional requirements. This typology is also suited for sheds where the manure can be removed periodically thus allowing a better control of the inside environmental conditions.

1 .  Partion With Upper Rounded Shape To Make The Belt Sliding Easier.
2.   Legs Galvanised With a “C” Shaped Section For a Easy Cleaning. It Has a Special Structural Design To Support up to 5 Tiers
3.   Transversal Mean on the Battery Cages With Support for The Nipple Pipe, It is in axis With the Legs to reduce the space occupied; it is an opened profile to be completely washable.
4.   Sliding Door on Independent Frame to Increase Sliding Accuracy and Reliability
5 .  Egg Saver Band: This Profile Reduces The Egg Micro Breaks and Increase The Animal Welfare
6.   Soft Balanced Floor With Progressive Balancing. The Cage Floor is Composed of 2.5mm Wires, on the Eggs Rolling Direction, in Order to Reduce Breakage and bt 3mm Wires on the Longitudinal Direction to Compensate Floor Bending, It is Also Supported by 3mm Wires Placed Under The Floor
7.   8/10 Feed Through With Anti Waste Profile, It is Directly Integrated to the Levelling System of the Feed Distribution Trolley
The floor horizontal wire support as an extension of the partition wires thus granting a reduced sagging of the floors even when the is fully occupied thus preventing the concentration of eggs in the center of the cage. Its design facilitate the installation and through a proper distribution of the load ensures a longer lasting of the partition
The sliding door is fitted on a special frame to ensure proper sliding while preventing unhooking

The Special 4 Bends shape of the cage stands grants maximum strength thanks also to the generous thickness while keeping an easy cleaning in line with the most recent HACCP With Practice

The Special Shape of the lower part of the cage stand ensure grater static stability while the adjustable cage base element allows to compensate unevenness the shed’s floor for perfect leveling

The Cage Stand Transversal Mean is Particularly Thick For Strength While The Special Design Conceived to Prevent Dirty Areas Allows to Install The Partition in Axes With The Cages Stands

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